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App Name: Mileage Tracker - Magica
Developer: Dimitri Giani
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Magica is the digital assistant for your car. The on-board computer you've always wanted.
Automatic, safe, careful about your health and that of our world.

Manage your car, track all your travels, refueling or EV charges, costs, emissions, your stress level, deadlines and maintenance.

• TRACK your trips automatically: Magica accompanies you on every journey, checks and displays all the information you want such as distances, fuel consumption, costs, tolls, altitude variation, stress level, driving quality.

• REFUELS AND EV CHARGES: Record the refills or ev charges, you can throw away the receipts, Magica keeps track of everything and creates detailed reports for you that you can also present to the company for reimbursement.

• DEADLINES AND MAINTENANCE: You can manage all deadlines and car maintenance, insurance, road tax, inspection, everything under control! Magica notify you at the right moment.

• STATISTICS AND REPORTS: Do you also love statistics and reports? Magica offers you lots of statistics on your trips, costs, consumption, refueling or ev charging, stress level, maintenance costs and much more.

• SECURE: Magica does not store data on any server, no account is required and your data is always safe inside your device.

• CAR PLAY: Magica has support for CarPlay from which you can manage your trip and check the status of your car.

• CONSTANTLY MAINTAINED: Magica was born in 2018 and is an independent product, it is constantly maintained. Updated to each version of iOS with the implementation of the new features introduced.

If you have a problem you can write to support (


• Many tracking systems, automatic, manual, with the car's Bluetooth, with CarPlay and Shortcuts. You can also forget to open it, Magica will always record your trips (according to the type of tracking selected).

• Recognizes when you are putting in fuel or recharging: When you are at the gas station or at the electric recharging station, Magica will understand this and will automatically ask you for information on the refueling carried out.

• Health status while traveling (Apple Watch required). Magica calculates the stress level during your travels, so you can know if travel causes you stress.

• We love our world and Magica wants to help you be aware of your ecological impact. Thanks to Magica know the amount of CO/2 you emit during your travels.

• Tag and classify your trips, work, leisure, vacation, customize each route and search or export them quickly. In each tag you can define the day and time and Magica will classify the trip automatically.

• Lots Widgets at your disposal. Magica offers you lock screen and springboard widgets with many features.

• Live Activities and Dynamic Island. When you start a trip Magica offers you a useful widget in the Live Activities and in the Dynamic Island.

• Management of tolls and cost per distance (IRS reports) in order to manage mileage reimbursements.

• Where is my car? Magica always knows where you parked. No more wasting time looking for it there
parking lot so big.

• Child on board? Magica sends you a notification every time you finish a trip!

• Manage your electric car with the map of the columns and the management of recharges.

• Do you own more than one vehicle? No problem, with Magica you have an infinite garage! (premium only)

• Do you share the car with someone? No problem, you can sync data between multiple devices! (premium only)

• Export all your trips and refueling: You can export your trip and refueling data with a simple tap, in CSV or PDF format. (premium only)

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