Airplane Pro: Flight Simulator

App Name: Airplane Pro: Flight Simulator
Developer: GameShark
App Category: Games
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Rating: 4.74906 stars
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Explore realistic airplanes in the most electrifying airborne flight simulator - Airplane Pro: Flight Simulator!
Jump into the pilot seat to command your own fleet of aircrafts and experience the highs of flying in one of the most immersive flying simulators!

Take flight in real aeroplanes through an ever-expansive open-world flight simulator. Explore the skies above realistic scenery and airports in high fidelity with satellite map imagery. Witness towering skyscrapers, runways, air traffic, weather conditions, and true volumetric clouds to bring you a new level of immersion for the ultimate flight simulation.

Perform a wide variety of over 27 free missions to become a professional airplane pilot or explore free mode where you can explore the world!

Pilot are you ready for your first mission!
- Pass pilot school to get your flight license!
- Airplane emergency landings to put you to the test in real piloting simulations!
- Load up with passengers and safely transport them to their destinations
- Fly high class VIPs and the presidential private jet or lead the Airforce jet planes to escort them safely!
- Rescue victims after plane accidents, can you save the day?
- Rough situational landings, can you land on an aircraft carrier or safely crash land into water?
- Test your skills in checkpoint challenges
- Keep control of your aircraft during extreme weather situations or engine malfunctions
- Take small advertising jobs in your small planes showing banners in the sky

Airplanes aren't the only vehicles we have to offer!
Get behind the wheel of some fast cars if you prefer scenic route, drifting throughout the huge open world landscape!

If you're preparing for the skies then the realistic dynamic weather with day and night cycles, turbulence and disastrous winds might catch your off guard if you're not careful!
Immerse yourself in the dynamic world of flight simulation! Experience the thrills of piloting an aircraft through extreme thunderstorms or snowstorms.

- Explosive action packed plane crashes with realistic airplane physics
- Fully control your plane from the cockpit with radio, lights and passenger interaction controls
- Huge range of aircraft types from commercial airliners to jets to small biplanes
- Enter any vehicle you see! Airplanes, cars & boats the world is yours to explore

Your adventure awaits as the next pro pilot in Airplane Pro: Flight Simulator!
Download now to join us in the skies and elevate your piloting adventures!

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