Beat the Cheat

App Name: Beat the Cheat
Developer: VICTVS Ltd
App Category: Games
Price: Free 0

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BEAT THE CHEAT... the ultimate retro app where YOU are the INVIGILATOR and have to work quickly to put an end to cheating in exams! Your mission is clear: Spot the cheaters, catch them in the act, and kick them out of the exam hall.
Things might get intense, so use whatever materials you have in the exam hall to stop the cheats! Throw a board rubber, some chalk, a stapler...
Test your observation skills and quick reflexes as you scan the room for suspicious behavior. Can you identify the pesky exam cheaters who are trying to steal innocent candidates' papers? Or the cheaters attempting to escape the exam hall with the answers?
STAY SHARP, STAY FOCUSED and show them that cheating never pays off in BEAT THE CHEAT!

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