Beat the Dealer: High Hand

App Name: Beat the Dealer: High Hand
Developer: Robert Malone
App Category: Games
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Rating: 4.33333 stars
Reviews: 3

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Welcome to Beat the Dealer: High Hand! A simple yet competitive cards game where you are pitted against the house dealer!

Each time a hand is dealt, the player with the high card wins the round and receives 1 point. The first to 21 points wins the game!

Fortunately, the house dealer is a generous one so while the score is 0-0 no point will be given to the dealer for high cards or draws.

Unfortunately, for any time other than the score being 0-0, if the cards dealt happen to be the same, the dealer will receive 2 points.

Think you can beat the dealer?

- Tap the “DEAL” button.
- High card wins the round.
- No point for dealer high card or draw when score is 0-0.
- Draws = 2 points for the dealer.
- First to 21 wins the game!*

*Both scores will reset once 21 is achieved.

This easy going game is FREE and fun for all ages!

Beat the Dealer: High Hand can also help beginning card players identify suits, face card order and values.


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