Chess Notation Trainer X

App Name: Chess Notation Trainer X
Developer: Nishat Majid
App Category: Games
Price: 4,99 USD

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Serious about chess? But struggling to identify the squares, remembering sequences and follow chess notations? Well, you just landed on the perfect app! This training app is designed to dramatically uplift your mastery over chess squares. There are 5 training sessions. A small dose of regular practice will make you:

1. Spot a square as soon as you hear or see its coordinate
2. Translate a sequence of moves into their notation at ease
3. Immediately identify the color of a square
4. Stay oriented regardless of you facing white or black
5. Follow along with chess tutorials, books or any discussion without a board
6. Massively speedup your thought process on any calculation
7. Finally, start playing blind chess!

There are well thought out features everywhere like different time controls for training, tips during gameplay, achievements and milestones, global leaderboards and a complete visualization of your records. Don't be surprised if you see a sudden surge of rating simply increasing your strength on square reading. This is a beautiful and satisfyingly addictive way to your square mastery.

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