Dark and Light Mobile

App Name: Dark and Light Mobile
Developer: Snail Games Japan
App Category: Games
Price: Free 0
Rating: 2.92 stars
Reviews: 25

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Dark and Light Mobile is a sandbox game, featured with survival and magic. Powered by Unreal Engine 4, the game provides players with a seamless big world, in which there are diverse types of landforms and various kinds of fantasy creatures inhabiting.

Here you can freely build houses, tame magical creatures, do researches into magic technologies, shuttle between multiple servers and collaborate with other players or confront them. Enjoy the endless possibilities in this magical sandbox world!

Game Features

Tame magical creatures, Ride Wyverns and Griffins.
There are various kinds of magical creatures in game, ranging from the well-known Wyverns, Griffins and Unicorns to those mysterious and exotic ones. You can make hunting spears and grind anesthetic to catch any creature you see in the world. Regardless of the docile Moose and Sheep, or the wild Lava Tigers and Moon Tailed Beasts, they all can be tamed and become your partners or mounts.

Collect resources, Build your home.
In this vast and wild world, you can build and craft almost everything you want. Starting from a rough foundation, step by step, you will be able to construct more powerful buildings, from the magic guard towers defended by your dragons to the unbreakable strongholds. The world can be changed by your constructions.

Master magic technologies, Craft your weapons.
You can do researches on Knowledge to unlock blueprints. From facilities like Drying Shelf and Enchantment Table to weapons like Dagger and Ice wand, you can combine steel with magic technology to freely reform and assemble your weapons and armors. Use them in the combat against elite creatures and unknown enemies. Be the legend!

Multi-player cooperation, Cross-server team fight.
Cooperate with your friends or combat with others across the servers. Ride multi-passenger mounts like War Elephants to fight against the enemies together with your teammates. Build your team freely with diverse types of weapons, creatures and magic technology to win the battle!

Welcome to Gnarris, adventurers. This world of endless possibilities is waiting for your arrival!

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