Gem Bricks Breaker: Mine

App Name: Gem Bricks Breaker: Mine
Developer: Hypercent
App Category: Games
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Gem Bricks Breaker: Gem Bricks Breaker is a game similar to the most addictive old brick breaker, Arkanoid. Pop all the gems and stones and challenge yourself for the best score.

Play easily with one hand and explode stones and gems with exciting music! Even if you miss the ball, countless items and balls will come out of the jewels!

- Swipe both sides to bounce the parts(small jems).
- Eliminate the number of stones and explode all the gems and stones.
- Whenever the color of a part (small jems) changes, the number in the stone box disappears.
- Whenever the color of the part (small jems) changes, the speed becomes faster.
- If the stone reaches the danger area at the end of the screen, the game is over.
- When you use a bomb, all stones and gems explode.
- Break all stones and gems and challenge for the best score.
- In challenge mode, break all stones and gems within time and challenge for a new record.
- When you release the swipe, the screen moves slowly.
- Try switching between exciting EDM and ROCK music.

- Completely free game without payment
- Easy operation, simple rules, can be played with one hand
- Offline games that don’t require Wi-Fi
- Support for low-end devices
- Achievements and leaderboard support

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