Knife Hero Fight

App Name: Knife Hero Fight
Developer: Nicolas Cazenave
App Category: Games
Price: Free 0

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Dive into a world filled with formidable fruity enemies through thrilling battles!

The game features an innovative gaming experience with two distinct screens: at the top, you engage in epic battles against giant fruits, while at the bottom, you solve stimulating puzzles to unlock powerful abilities!

This game allows you to master the art of precision and strategy. By using simple tapping gestures, you throw knives at moving targets. Each precise hit deals damage to your enemies, but beware, each target has a different value that determines the bonus your hero will apply! Whether it's multiplied damage, a welcome heal, or even a freezing ability, choose your target wisely to maximize your chances of victory!

Your hero retrieves previously thrown knives with their associated damages, creating devastating combinations and unique tactical strategies. With special knives and bonuses scattered across the battlefield, you can earn even more points and face your enemies with style!

But remember, every knife counts! Skillfully manage your limited number of knives and upgrade them to become even more formidable!

As you progress through the various waves of enemies, you'll earn money that allows you to unlock new challenges and customize your hero. Before each battle, after triumphing in the puzzle, you'll have the opportunity to choose from three upgrade proposals to strengthen your skills and dominate every fight!

Discover the perfect blend of reflexes, strategy, and fruity fun!

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