Master Chef Sandwich Maker Baking Hamburger Pastry

App Name: Master Chef Sandwich Maker Baking Hamburger Pastry
Developer: Nuttachai Reampayub
App Category: Games
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Rating: 3.66667 stars
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Sandwich Maker is fun for kids of all ages! (Adults too!) Stack layer upon layer and build a sandwich ten stories tall if you want to! Why should you be limited to just the boring deli meats and simple veggies? You shouldn't! Throw in a cookie, some ice cream, then top it off with ketchup and gross out your friends when you send them a picture of the sandwich you built. Get creative with your sandwich!

- Variety of Breads including brown, French, white and loafs
- Many options for meat including Chicken, mutton, beef and fish
- Variety of salads, meat, cheese, vegetables and spices
- Easy to choose from ingredients, patties, meat, cheese, vegetables!
- Garnish items including French Fries, Baked potato, Salads and sauces

How to Play:
- Very Interactive and intuitive controls to play the game.
- Choose from your favourite breads of French, white, brown or loafs
- Make the pan and choose from chicken, mutton, beef or fish patty
- Make the best Sandwich and serve it with fries, salads and sauces

Everyone craves for Sandwiches! Play this game and cook the most amazing and exciting Sandwiches with the best toppings and flavours and toss it into your master delighting food and serve it with add-ons like fries ,potatoes, salads and sauces!!

This exciting new app cooking games – Sandwich Maker Mania gives you so many amazing, exciting flavours and ingredients to play with. With this cooking game for Sandwiches, you can choose from a vast variety of toppings, once made you can also garnish it further with your favourite vegetables, in case you are a vegetarian.

The game is so easy to learn because of which little girls, boys and kids will have lots of amusement and fun with this exciting game and they can play it for hours long!
Whether it’s the weekend, Christmas holidays, Thanksgiving or Easter , even if you’re having a fun Friday night hangout with your friends or you’re just in the mood for some cheesy, sizzling hot Sandwich mood, At that time nothing is better than a hot, Meat filled Sandwich with all the best garnish and flavours!

Thank you for help, please come back daily through this game for kids.

Have fun and good appetite!

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