Russian Alphabet Trace & Learn

App Name: Russian Alphabet Trace & Learn
Developer: w3villa
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Kids are very sensitive and emotional and their sensitivity always keeps them cute. The design of Russian Alphabet Trace & Learn ensures to keep your kids happy and entertained while fostering effortless learning of the Russian alphabet. Russian Alphabet Trace & Learn is an engaging game for your children who are in preschools and kindergarteners to learn the Russian alphabet. It helps your kids to understand the shape of the letters and sounds with proper meaning. Touch and slide features of the game make it easy to make alphabet letters and help your kids easily recognize each of them. The most important part of the game is that it makes your kids feel joyful and close to the space world with the mascot of an astronaut.

Russian Alphabet Trace & Learn is a kid's savvy game that makes your kids more powerful to understand the Russian alphabet. The game is suited for preschool kids who are over 2 years old. This will help your kids to focus on writing Russian/Cyrillic Letters in the right way.

Key Features of the Russian Alphabet Trace & Learn:

- Easy to learn the Russian alphabet
- Familiarization with the letter shapes
- Engaging Astronaut character
- Kids-friendly color pallet
- Phonic sound facility for all the alphabet letters
- Simple to follow trace mechanics
- Suitable for kids above 2 years
- The game is free for everyone

Being a parent, we always look for simple and easy games to teach our children without harming their emotions. At this age, kids always love to play and learn; Russian Alphabet Trace & Learn is a game for all the kids who can learn alphabet letters before going to school in a very easy and joyous way.

Let's enjoy the Russian Alphabet Trace & Learn game with your kids and enjoy the simple and fast learning game.

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