Survival Random Defense

App Name: Survival Random Defense
Developer: Dreamplay Games Inc.
App Category: Games
Price: Free 0
Rating: 5 stars
Reviews: 1

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Enjoy the strategy of tower defense and the action pleasure of survival io at the same time.

The wizard left alone in the dungeon by an unknown force is the last survivor of the tower.

Combine various equipment and skills to defeat monsters such as slimes, zombies, and vampires.
Break through the trials!

Become the last survivor by taking advantage of Roguelike elements in various monster waves that change in each stage.
Enjoy the strategic fun of random tower defense and the pleasure of a survival io game at the same time!

[Game Features]
▶ Stop stressful control! Use strategic decisions to annihilate the waves of monsters and survive!
▶ Bang bang! Summon 20 Mages with unique magic spells, ranging from gun-shooting magic to Black Holes, Meteors, and more. Create your own special forces and become a survivor!
▶ Survive the dungeon with a combination of active skills, equipment, and newly awakened ultimate skills!
▶ Even in extreme crises, the outcome can change depending on fate’s choice!
▶ Become the last survivor in a variety of themed stages, including caves, volcanoes, deserts, dungeons, castles, and more!

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