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Abs workout is the mobile fitness app that helps you training your abdominal muscles at home or at the gym, a real muscle booster for your Six Pack!

Your complete Fitness Planet to workout at home with thousands of ab exercises.

This fitness App is ideal for bodybuilding lovers as well as for beginners, in fact in our fp App for your daily fitness you will find many routines for each goal: woman workout, workout for man, workouts for slimming, weight loss and much more.

A real fitness planet that will help you achieve your goals, the personal trainer you were waiting for as a muscle booster.

Like a real pf coach, this planet fitness app will offer you specific training plans to lose weight, remove the handles of love and obtain your perfect six pack. You will have a real workout planner and many routines to train the abdominal muscles and they can be performed when you want in your 24 hours daily, and you can train at home.

Improve your body in just 30 days, track your workouts, learn new abdominal exercises, burn the fat on your abdomen with the famous P4P workouts.

Your fp coach will give you precise instructions during your workouts like a real personal trainer in the gym but with the advantage of being able to workout at home as you want and when you want, you choose when to perform your home workout!

All you have to do is put in your will power and we will deal with the rest ;-)

Our promise is a perfect six pack in just 30 days if you follow carefully the instructions of the personal trainer without missing a workout and obviously keeping your diet under control.

Our App to train your abdominal muscles can be downloaded for free, some functions will be completely free while others will be accessible if you decide to take out a subscription, the choice is yours.

Free functions:

• Over 10 routines created by certified personal trainers.
• Bodyweight training for your home workout.
• Display of the breathing wax for each individual exercise.
• Fitness coach who instructs you with a real voice during your workout.
• Abdominal workout generator with just 3 clicks. You can choose which zone of your abdomen
to train, the level of intensity and the duration of your workout.
• Add to the calendar the workout for the abs you prefer and choose how many times a week you
want to repeat it, create your ideal workout planner.

Paid features (requires a subscription)

• Workout plans created by different personal trainers for different goals.
• Ability to create and save personalized workouts with the Ab exercises you prefer.
• Fiton Fitness Calendar for tracking future workouts.
• Unlocking of all Abs exercises to train all areas of your abdomen: lower Abs, other abdomen
and oblique ab.
• Muscle booster at home

Advice: use our Fitness App in combination with myfintesspal App to improve your diet, because remember that to have a sculpted abdomen you will need to lose fat as well as tone your abdominal muscles ;-)

A complete mobile fitness planet App to muscle boost!

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