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Navigate Your BPD with Understanding and Resilience. Bravita BPD Tracker provides a comprehensive approach to understanding and managing your Borderline Personality Disorder. It's not merely an app; it's a supportive companion in your journey toward emotional wellness.
Empower Your Mental Health Journey

Effortless Mood and Symptom Tracking: Log your emotional states, symptoms, and triggers swiftly. Designed for ease of use, ensuring your tracking is stress-free and straightforward.
In-depth Analytics: Gain insightful analytics into your emotional patterns. Understand your mental health through intuitive charts and graphs, turning data into actionable insights.
Seamless Report Sharing: Effortlessly generate detailed reports in PDF and CSV formats for your healthcare provider, fostering better communication and support.
Customizable Experience: Tailor the app to fit your specific needs, from tracking parameters to personalized reminders, making your mental health journey uniquely yours.
Motivational Achievements: Engage with an achievement system that celebrates your progress and consistency, enhancing your motivation to manage your BPD symptoms.
Uncompromised Privacy and Security: Trust in the advanced encryption and optional Face ID or Touch ID protection to keep your data secure and private.

Designed with You in Mind

User-Friendly Interface: Bravita boasts a design that's both intuitive and elegant, ensuring a hassle-free experience for all users.
Regular Updates: Benefit from continuous improvements and new features, ensuring you always have the most effective tools at your disposal.
Responsive Support: Access our dedicated support team for any queries or guidance, ensuring you're never alone in your journey with Bravita.

More Than Just Tracking

Personalized BPD Care Plan: Start your journey with a tailored Care Plan designed to help you understand and manage your BPD symptoms effectively.
Educational Content: Discover valuable resources within the app, offering insights and strategies for BPD management.
Community Engagement: Connect with a supportive community of users, share experiences, and grow together in understanding and managing BPD.

Begin Your Path to Better Mental Health

Simple Setup: Getting started with Bravita is easy and intuitive. Embark on your journey to better mental health with just a few steps.
Subscription Flexibility: Choose a subscription plan that aligns with your needs. Easily manage or cancel your subscription via the Apple Store.
Transparent Policies: Stay informed with our straightforward privacy policy and terms of use, ensuring your comfort and trust in how we handle your data.

Join our community towards a more balanced, empowered life. Download Bravita today and take the first step towards better emotional regulation and self-awareness.
Any insights provided by Bravita BPD Tracker does not constitute medical advice. Remember to consult your doctor before making any medical decisions.
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