Covid Symptom Diary

App Name: Covid Symptom Diary
Developer: cellHigh
App Category: Health & Fitness
Price: 4,99 USD

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Are you like one of the millions of people who have Covid or Long Term Covid symptoms? How can the Covid Symptom Diary help? Covid Diary was designed to track your personal information about your Covid with a few screen taps. All data remains locally, This will help you record your symptoms, vital statistics, your medication, your tests and any other specific issue that you may be feeling. It will make you feel better as it will allow you to take some control of your Covid as you track it. The Covid Diary makes it easy to perform tasks like tracking your treatment progress, graphing your patterns, emailing reports, including graphical attachments to your doctor and advisors. The Covid Diary will also allow you to export your data to a spread sheet all with just a few screen taps. Do you want all of your Covid health records and information at your fingertips so that you can start feeling better? The Covid Symptom Diary can help.

- Enter, document, and track as much or as little information as you want with a few screen taps.

- Document and Track your Covid pain and symptoms.

- Track your triggers, including food, stress, location, activity and sleep patterns.

- Keep Track of which treatments really help and those that do not with the Symptom Management analysis report.

- Keep track of your health records including hospital or doctor visits, surgeries and procedures, laboratory tests and results, procedures, vital statistics, and the mental and physical symptoms you are experiencing.

- Record your thoughts and notes.

- Keep track of your appointments, doctor visits, your test results, surgeries and procedures.

- Record all your therapy details, including medications and side-effects.

- Track multiple doctors and laboratories.

- Graph your patterns of experiences, email reports, including graphical attachments to your doctor so that they can help you adjust.

- Customize many features, including which input fields you want and which items to have in your drop down lists.

- Find out which factors and triggers contribute to your symptoms.

Please don’t give up until you can manage your Covid Symptoms better.

Keep all your Covid medical records and information at your fingertips with this easy-to-use journal.
Makes it easy to feel better, be happy, organized and stress-free!

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