ASAKATSU – ToDo for Morning

App Name: ASAKATSU - ToDo for Morning
Developer: Taito Iikura
App Category: Lifestyle
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It is said that whoever controls the morning controls the day, but it is quite difficult to work efficiently and vigorously in the morning.
At night, we can think of all kinds of things to do tomorrow morning, but in the morning, our thinking comes to a complete halt.
As the name suggests, ASAKATSU is an app designed to assist you in your morning activities.

Rome is not built in a day, efficient morning activities should start before morning.
Before going to bed, you will quickly set up tasks that you want to complete the next morning. Then, when you wake up the next day, you simply do the tasks you have saved.

It is not easy to think fast in the morning.
So, why don't we put together all the things we need to do at night, and spend an efficient morning by completing tasks without thinking about unnecessary things in the morning?

Please note that this app does not have an alarm function, as the stock app is the most powerful after all.

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