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App Name: RideLog - Motorbike Tracker
Developer: Dimitri Giani
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RideLog: Motorbike Tracker is the latest innovation for motorcycle enthusiasts who want a way to track their journeys and manage motorcycle-related expenses. RideLog is your digital dashboard for your bike, offering automatic trip tracking, detailed expense management, and insightful statistics to enhance your motorcycle riding experience.

Automatic Trip Tracking:
RideLog accompanies you on every motorcycle journey, tracking and displaying all the information you need. From distances traveled to fuel consumption, toll costs to changes in altitude, RideLog captures everything, providing you with a complete overview of your trips.

Fuel Logging:
Easily record your fuel refills. Say goodbye to paper receipts: RideLog keeps track of everything and generates detailed reports for you, making expense tracking convenient.

Maintenance and Reminders:
Stay on top of your motorcycle's maintenance schedule effortlessly. From insurance renewals to vehicle inspections, RideLog ensures you never miss a deadline, sending timely reminders to your device.

Insightful Statistics and Reports:
For those who love data, RideLog offers a plethora of statistics on your trips, expenses, fuel consumption, maintenance costs, and more. Gain valuable insights into your driving habits and make informed decisions to optimize your motorcycle adventures.

Safe and Secure:
Rest assured, your data is safe with RideLog. RideLog doesn't store data on any servers, and no account is required. Your information remains securely stored within your device at all times.

Continuous Updates and Support:
RideLog is not just an application; it's a commitment to excellence. RideLog is a continually updated product to align with the latest versions of iOS and introduce new features and improvements.

Additional Features:

Labeling and categorizing your trips for easy organization and retrieval.
Various widgets available for quick access to essential features.
Dynamic Island and Live Activities widgets to enhance your riding experience.
"Where's my bike?" feature to easily locate your parked motorcycle.
Unlock a new level of motorcycle adventure with RideLog: Motorbike Tracker. Download now and embark on unforgettable journeys with confidence and convenience.

Privacy Policy: https://ridelog.it/privacy-policy/
Terms and Conditions: https://ridelog.it/termini-e-condizioni/

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