Canopy Protect

App Name: Canopy Protect
Developer: Canopy Works, Inc
App Category: Medical
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Canopy Protect for iOS works with the Canopy Protect staff safety system. Canopy Protect is the leading tool for health systems committed to a safe working environment for their staff, trusted and proven by dozens of large health systems using it to protect hundreds of thousands of people on a 24x7x365 basis.

Canopy Protect consists of a portable, individually assigned duress button that works with a network of sensors installed across a facility to give hospitals a way to instantly mobilize central security and nearby co-workers to assist someone who encounters an escalating situation with a patient or patient advocate.

Canopy Protect for iOS gives hospitals a way to deliver notifications to those co-workers who might be in a position to help the individual who uses their button to signal for help. This app offers a zero touch interface designed to work on dedicated or pooled phones. Once installed, this application will work silently in the background and require no interaction by the user.

This app can also deliver critical alerts, meaning that alerts will generate a clearly audible sound even if the hardware volume switch is turned off or if the speaker volume has been turned down, ensuring that you will not miss an opportunity to help if a coworker is in trouble.

For more information about our company, Canopy Works, or the Canopy Protect staff safety system, visit

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