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Discover Petralex, your advanced digital hearing solution. Before you invest in costly brands like myPhonak, Jabra Enhance Pro, or Unitron Remote Plus, give Petralex a try! Leveraging your smartphone's capabilities, Petralex delivers a transformative auditory experience tailored to your unique hearing needs.

Why Choose Petralex?

● Personalized Experience:
○ Adapts automatically to your hearing specifics.

● Award-Winning:
○ Recognized as the Microsoft Inspire P2P contest winner in 2017.

● Simplicity:
○ No registration, no ads, just plug in a simple headset.

● Trusted:
○ Loved by hundreds of thousands worldwide.

FREE Features:
● Personalized hearing correction for each ear.
● Adaptation to various environments.
● Boost sound up to 30 dB with a wired headset.
● Comprehensive built-in hearing test.
● Dynamic compression to amplify quiet sounds.
● Four sound amplification modes.
● Speech recognition.
● Bluetooth and AirPods support.
● HealthKit integration: Monitor and adjust hearing changes.
● Convenient headset button controls: press once to toggle active hearing profile, twice to switch microphones.

PREMIUM: Elevate Your Listening Experience
● Super Boost: Enhanced sound amplification.
● Adaptive 4-week course for smooth hearing aid adjustment.
● Custom unlimited sound profiles for varied situations.
● Noise suppression for clearer speech.
● Advanced Dectone amplification.
● Tinnitus-friendly quiet sound amplification.
● Audio recorder with personalized sound.
... and much more!

Subscription Details:
► Unlock ALL premium features.
► Choose from weekly, monthly, or annual plans.
► Manage or cancel anytime from your App Store account settings.
► Auto-renewals can be turned off 24 hours before the current period ends.

Important Tips:
Adapting to a hearing aid can take weeks to months.
You'll notice sounds previously unheard. Use noise reduction for comfort.
Familiar sounds might seem different initially.

Make the most of the built-in 4-week adaptive course!

Did You Know?
Using a hearing aid can reduce the risk of dementia by 75%.

Note on Bluetooth: Using a Bluetooth headset might introduce a slight delay and potential echoing.

Disclaimer: Petralex® is not a certified medical device. Always consult with a professional for audiological needs. The app's audiometric test aids in adjustment and isn't a professional evaluation substitute.

Questions or Feedback? We're here to help. Contact us at support@petralex.pro.

Read more about our terms and conditions here:
- Terms of service: https://petralex.pro/page/terms
- Privacy policy: https://petralex.pro/page/policy

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