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Guitar Tunio – Guitar Tuner is a great tuner application for stringed musical instruments.

The incredible tuner allows musicians to tune their beloved instruments fast and precisely. Guitar Tunio’s interface is designed to be minimal, making the tuning process become easier, more comfortable and effective. It is easy to use and perfect for both beginners and pros.

Guitar Tunio works well with a variety of stringed instruments and offers over 200+ tunings available, including:

+ Standard
+ Lower, DownTuned
+ Higher, HighTuned
+ Dropped
+ Double Dropped
+ Step
+ Open
+ Cross-Note
+ Modal
+ Extended

+ Standard
+ Metal
+ Jazz
+ Russian Open G
+ Variant

+ Soprano in C
+ Concert
+ Tenor
+ Open D
+ Drop G
+ Baritone
+ Slack Key
+ Slide

+ Standard
+ Drop D, C, B
+ Half step
+ Full step
+ Open A, E
+ Tenor Standard
+ Standard C
+ Drop A
+ F# B E A D
+ E A D G C F
+ F# B E A D G

+ Violin
+ Viola
+ Cello
+ Fiddle
+ Double Bass

+ Mandolin
+ Mandola
+ Mandocello
+ Mandobass
+ Balalaika
+ Banjo 4-string
+ Banjo 5-string

Guitar Tunio supports two main tuner modes to suit all musicians from beginners to advanced. There are:

* Instrument Tuner - Auto Tune Mode
The automatic tuner is perfect for beginners as it’s designed for simplicity and ease of use. With this mode, all you have to do is to play any string and the app will automatically read the string you are playing and let you know whether the string is tuned correctly or not so that you can adjust it.
Besides standard guitar tuning, you can try to tune your instrument with various alternate tunings to inspire your sound. Choose an alternate tuning and start tuning. Remember to keep the microphone of your smartphone close to the instrument when playing.

* Chromatic Tuner - Manual Tune Mode
The chromatic tuner allows pro musicians to tune their guitar quickly from standard to drop D without having to touch the app.
In addition to providing a powerful tuner feature, the Guitar Tunio offers a built-in metronome and a chord library.

* Digital Metronome :
A digital metronome is built into the app to help you practice your timing, rhythm, feel and keep a steady tempo. It allows you to set at any tempo and to change the beat manually or by tapping at the desired speed. This feature is a useful tool for daily instrument practice and stage performances.

* Chord Library for Guitar and Ukulele
Guitar Tunio also features a chord library with over 1000 ukulele and guitar chords so that musicians can learn, practice and improve their level. By learning a new chord daily, you can master and enhance your skills.
Some other additional features:
- Quick and sensitive response
- A wide range of pitch sensor
- Left-handed mode supported
- No additional equipment needed

Guitar Tunio is the most accurate and fastest free acoustic and electric guitar tuner app in 2021.

With the guitar tuner, tuning your stringed instruments has never been so easy, fast and accurate! Try it now and let us know your experience!
Rate 5 stars for us if you love our app and continue to support us in the future. On behalf of our application development team, I would like to express my sincere thanks to the beloved users.

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