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App Name: AI Mechanic
Developer: E W M W W Shanka Nuwan Bandara Werapitiya
App Category: Productivity
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Revolutionize your car care experience with AI Mechanic, the next evolution in vehicle troubleshooting. This cutting-edge app transforms your smartphone into an advanced diagnostic tool, enhanced with AI to provide deeper insights and actionable advice for car maintenance and repair.

Key Features :

AI-Powered Diagnostics: Go beyond traditional OBD2 scanning with our AI-driven diagnostic feature. Simply describe your car's symptoms, and AI Mechanic will analyze the issues, offering potential causes and symptoms for a wide range of vehicle malfunctions.

Instant OBD2 Decoding: Input any OBD2 code and receive an instant, comprehensive breakdown, including classifications like 'P' for powertrain, 'B' for body, 'C' for chassis, and 'U' for network-related issues.

Guided Repair Steps: Benefit from tailored repair strategies. The app suggests prioritized repair actions, from quick fixes to detailed repair processes, for a strategic approach to car care.

Save Time and Money: With preliminary fix guidance and indications for professional intervention, AI Mechanic streamlines your repair process, helping avoid unnecessary mechanic trips.

Intuitive User Interface: Navigate complex diagnostics with ease. Our user-friendly design is made for car enthusiasts and professionals, regardless of technical background.

Comprehensive OBD2 Library: Access an extensive collection of OBD2 codes, each with detailed explanations, to deepen your understanding of your vehicle's health.

Safety Alerts: Receive vital safety instructions and recommendations to address car issues safely and effectively.

Optimized for Every User:

A clean, minimalist design ensures a seamless user journey.
Rapid retrieval of a wide spectrum of OBD2 codes and diagnostic insights.
For Car Lovers and Professional Technicians:

AI Mechanic is the perfect companion for those who want to explore their vehicle's intricacies or provide professional-grade diagnostics. This app empowers you with knowledge and tools for intelligent vehicle management.


AI Mechanic leverages artificial intelligence to interpret vehicle symptoms and OBD2 codes. While striving for accuracy, all information should be used as a guiding tool. For intricate diagnostics and repairs, we recommend consulting a certified mechanic. The creators of AI Mechanic are not liable for diagnostic errors or any resulting damages.

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