Animation Maker School

App Name: Animation Maker School
Developer: Arjun Gupte
App Category: Productivity
Price: 4,99 USD

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Animation Maker School is an easy to use animation app for creating exciting animation sequences using drawings with fingers or with Apple Pencil.

This app has all the traditional tools such as paint palette, auto-save, onion skin, brush eraser and frame controls for duplicating, inserting and copy/paste. You can make beautiful animations on your iPad in just a few steps and save out as an .MP4 to share with friends.

It has been optimized for usage in schools with all features unlocked and available through the Apple School Manager program with a bulk purchase discount.

Using the thumbnail viewer at the bottom of the screen the user can adjust the timing and composition of each frame fast and easy.

The animation feature is easy to use and even the youngest of users can soon master making animations in little time, unsupported by parents and teachers.

Upon opening the app, they are greeted by a welcoming splash screen with an accompanying tutorial.

This helpful tutorial will take the user through the application and its features. The prompts and visuals are easy to follow and a young user can create their first animation unsupported.

*Easy and fast workflow, get up and started in minutes

*Export out creations as MP4 , share with anyone

*Onion skinning, frame controls and Apple Pencil support for creating high quality animations

*Designed by animation teachers using the principles of Montessori teaching as a guide"Learn By Doing"

*Bundled library of animations ranging from simple to complex so that kids can learn by watching

Animation Maker Kids is created by Appy Monkeys , the award winning studio behind Blox 3D,Animate Me and Draw 3D Junior which have collectively been downloaded more than 3 million times globally and been featured by Apple and Google.Our apps have worn awards from Children's Tech review and have been featured by Purdue University in their STEAM/STEM guide for parents.

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