App Name: CSVfullPantry
Developer: Raaluya Brar
App Category: Productivity
Price: Free 0

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CSVfullPantry is a convenient and practical food storage planning application designed to help users easily plan and manage household food storage. Whether you're responding to an emergency, preparing your home for disaster, or want to shop and store food more efficiently, this app has you covered.


Personalized plan: Users can enter the number of family members and the number of months they plan to store, and select the type of food they need. CSVfullPantry will intelligently calculate the amount of food that should be stocked based on this information.

History record: The application will record the user's calculation history, allowing the user to view and manage food inventory at any time.

User-friendly interface: CSVfullPantry has a simple and intuitive user interface, which is simple and convenient to operate and suitable for users of all ages.

Download CSVfullPantry to make food storage smarter and more convenient!

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