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App Name: FocusBeats: Pomodoro + Music
Developer: Cihat Guenduez
App Category: Productivity
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Transform your work and study sessions into a productive and enjoyable experience. FocusBeats combines the power of music and the proven efficiency of the Pomodoro technique into a single application. Whether you're crunching numbers, crafting your latest piece, or studying for exams, FocusBeats is your go-to for maintaining focus and enhancing productivity.

--- 25 Unique Themes Across 5 Categories ---
Dive into an extensive collection of music themes ranging from broad topics like "Movie & TV Soundtracks" and "Classical Music" to more focused ones like "Harry Potter" and "Beethoven", neatly organized into five broad categories including "Genres", "Video Games", and "Soundtrack Composers". There's a theme for every mood and task.

--- Customizable Pomodoro Sessions ---
Tailor your focus sessions with three selectable Pomodoro lengths. Choose the number of Pomodoros to fit your schedule and break structure, optimizing your efficiency and focus.

--- Thematic Audiovisual Experience ---
With each theme, enjoy a carefully selected playlist and a visually stunning image related to your music choice. This unique combination not only aids in concentration but also adds an element of enjoyment to your work or study routine.

--- Curated Music for Focus ---
Our playlists are meticulously chosen to include a mix of classical music, soundtracks, and various other genres known for their focus-enhancing qualities. Say goodbye to distractions and hello to productive, deep focus sessions.

--- Suggest New Themes ---
Is your favorite theme missing? No problem! You can suggest new themes to be added, making FocusBeats a continually evolving platform shaped by its community.

===== How It Works =====
1. Select Your Theme: Choose from 25 different themes across 5 categories to match your task or mood.
2. Customize Your Pomodoro: Decide on the length and number of Pomodoros that suit your workflow.
3. Focus and Enjoy: Start your session with your selected theme playing in the background, accompanied by a fitting image to enhance your focus.
4. Automatic Breaks: Get informed about breaks with an audio cue and your background music pausing. Dive right back in when the music continues playing!

===== Why FocusBeats? =====
1. Enhanced Productivity: Combining music and the Pomodoro technique helps you achieve high levels of productivity.
2. Variety and Customization: With multiple themes and session configurations, you can personalize your focus experience.
3. Community-Driven Content: Your suggestions help expand our theme collection, ensuring there's always something new to explore.
4. FocusBeats is more than just a timer; it's a lifestyle tool designed to enhance your work and study sessions.

Join the FocusBeats community today and take the first step towards transforming your productivity and focus!

-- Notes --
– To unlock all themes and customization options, an In-App Purchase is required. Some of the options & themes are available for free.
– To listen to music during focus sessions, an Apple Music subscription is required.

-- Legal Notice --
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