Good Vibes Notifications

App Name: Good Vibes Notifications
Developer: julien DOLAIS
App Category: Productivity
Price: Free 0

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Discover Good Vibes Notifications, your ultimate tool for 100% personalized notifications. Create notifications that boost your day or prank your friends.

With Good Vibes Notifications, every detail matters, and you have complete control.

Complete ? Yes, absolutely complete control !

Limitless customization:

Choose the title, subtitle, and content of each notification for a completely tailored experience.
Express your visual identity by selecting the icon that best represents the context in which you want to receive your notification.

Cherry on the notification:

Insert images into your notifications to add even more credibility to your creations.

Positive reminders are one of the simplest and most powerful ways to promote mental development. Cultivate positive thoughts from the start of the day, providing you with a mental reserve accessible on difficult days when you need it most. Good Vibes Notifications helps you get your dose of positivity in your daily life.

Simple and intuitive:

An interface that makes creating notifications as easy as it takes you only 30 seconds to create a notification. No need for advanced technical skills.

Attention! Notifications are only sent to yourself and do not actually come from a person. The amounts displayed in payment notifications are not real amounts, nor are they for sales. Entertainment and good vibes are the only purpose of this application.

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