Italian Constitution

App Name: Italian Constitution
Developer: Dimitri Giani
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The best Italian Constitution application for iPhone, iPad, and Mac!

The Italian Constitution is the foundation of every Italian citizen.

Every citizen should know the Italian Constitution perfectly to live better and understand our past and foundations.

With this application, you can consult the entire Constitution and always have it at your fingertips.

CostituQuiz *
With CostituQuiz, you can have fun learning the Italian Constitution, and if you have an exam, you can train directly with the app.

The quizzes are the official ones from the Ministry of the Interior!

Main Features *
Read the Italian Constitution in full
Links to notes
Ability to create personal notes for each article or paragraph
Sharing and copying articles or paragraphs
Option to choose between two themes (light and dark)
Ability to search for any word or phrase in the Constitution
Ability to search for notes from iOS as well
Selection of different fonts and sizes from 10 to 30 points
Your notes are also available through iOS search
CostituQuiz, more than 200 questions from the Ministry of the Interior to train on the Italian Constitution
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But there's good news!

If you use the app, an ad will be shown that, if watched in full, will allow you to remove the banner for a while. Isn't that great? You help us support the project, and practically, you'll never see the banners!

But if the advertising still bothers you, it's possible to remove it with a really minimal contribution! And you'll help me continue developing the application!

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