App Name: Reclip
Developer: Clip Media Inc
App Category: Social Networking
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Reclip catches the unexpected moments in life, so you can decide to save anything — after it happens. So that funny thing your friend said, or compliment you got, or great idea you just had…

Reclip’s got it, if you wanna clip it.

Leave Reclip open to hold on to audio from your phone’s microphone. When something happens you wanna save or share with friends, just go to the app and tap to clip what just went down. But don't wait, anything you don’t clip is erased automatically after 2 minutes.

Reclip is like instant replay IRL, or a really short time machine. It lets you step back into a memory or share it with friends. A new, personal way of sharing your real life.


• Clip Any Moment — Just leave Reclip in the background and it’s ready to clip anything that happens to you. But remember, Reclip only holds audio for 2 minutes, and you gotta press the button if you wanna save something. Don't forget to tell friends when you clip them too. Just like taking a picture of someone, it's creepy to do without permission!

• Add a Real Pic — Clips can be captured with a photo of the moment it happened. These Real Pics can only be added when a clip is captured, and can't be retaken, so they're as real and raw as the clip itself.

• Captions & Titles — Reclip automatically adds captions to every clip, and gives each one a unique name to describe what's in it. So you can clip stuff in the moment, and easily find it again later your library.

• Pics, Stickers & GIFs — Turn your clips into personal memes to share with friends! Use the Crystal Ball to automatically add GIFs that match an entire clip or search for stickers and GIFs. You can even upload your own images to tell your stories, your way.

• Chat with Friends — Share your clips along with messages, pics and videos, in Chat. Connect with friends easily by syncing your phone contacts, or search for anyone on the app by name or username.

• Just Clipped — Get notified when your friend Just Clipped something, and request the clips you wanna see. Friends can request your clips as well. You can edit and share any requested clip right from your DMs. Just clip and request, It's the easiest way to stay in the loop with friends.

• Share Anywhere — Easily share clips with anyone in your phone from the share sheet, even if they're not on Reclip. You can also send your clip as a Snap on Snapchat, save a video to your phone, or post to any other messenger app.

• Easy & Authentic — Unlike some other social apps, on Reclip you never need to be anything but yourself. Just live your life, clip the real stuff, and share it with your real friends.

If you wanna know more, reach out to us on our socials.


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