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App Name: Atro Driver
Developer: Salihah Othman
App Category: Travel
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ئه‌ترو كارگو بو گه‌هاندنا پوستێن بله‌ز بو هه‌مى پارێزگه‌هێن كوردستان و عيراقێ. ئه‌ترو كارگو ل سالا 2022 هاتيه دامه‌زراندن بشێوه‌يه‌كێ سه‌ر ده‌مانه. ئارمانجا سه‌ره‌كى يا ئه‌ترو كارگو ئاسان كاريه د ناڤ به‌را كارێن ئونلاين و بكرى دا.
ناڤونيشانێن ئوفيسا سه‌ره‌كى:- دهوك Kro - جادا مه‌كسى مول
ژمارا تیله‌فونێ : (07509008949-07509008939)

Welcome to Atro Driver – your dedicated tool for efficient order management on the road. With Atro Driver, drivers can effortlessly track order statuses, mark arrivals, and flag any issues for immediate attention. Need to communicate with vendors? Atro Driver's integrated chat feature enables seamless collaboration to resolve order-related concerns swiftly. What's more, vendors can conveniently request your services directly through the app, ensuring a streamlined workflow for all. Elevate your delivery experience with Atro Driver – download now and take control of your deliveries like never before!

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