Ad Zap

App Name: Ad Zap
Developer: Omura LLC
App Category: Utilities
Price: Free 0
Rating: 5 stars
Reviews: 1

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A simple ad blocking app for Safari on iOS that:

• blocks most ads and trackers using a single extension, with no extensive configuration required
• does not slow down page loads or otherwise interfere with functionality
• preserves user privacy

No data is collected or sent off the device. No special permissions are required.

Unlike other ad blocking apps, Ad Zap is designed to be as simple as possible. After the initial setup, you can forget about the app and let it do it's thing in the background.

Please note, this app does NOT block ads outside of Safari.

If for some reason you need to disable Ad Zap, you have two options. In Safari, tap the "aA" icon in the address bar, then choose either:

1) Turn off Content Blockers: this will disable Ad Zap for this specific page, for this browser session only.
2) Website Settings, then disable Use Content Blockers: this will disable Ad Zap for the entire site, from now on.

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