Al Noor Prayer

App Name: Al Noor Prayer
Developer: mansour mahamat
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Al Noor is an ad-free, privacy focused and Muslim made prayer app !

Al Noor is an app built by Muslims with a long-term vision to elevate our Ummah – starting with Prayer (salah). We have so much more planned! Join us on this journey.


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Smart Qibla - find the correct direction to pray with our Qibla and integrated smart calibration feature

Early & Late Asr Time – choose your Madhab (School of Thought) and tailor your prayer times to the earlier or later Asr time.

Multiple Calculation Methods – choose the perfect Prayer calculation method for you depending on your location and preferences.

Widget Included – a beautifully designed widget for your home screen for quick access to prayer times

Prayer Tracker – a great way to stay on top of your salah and the first step to developing your relationship with Allah. Perfect for new converts or those trying to improve their praying habits!

Fasting Tracker - log your missed fasts with the reason and then tick them off when you make them up!

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