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App Name: Black Audio Tool - B.A.T
Developer: Philippe Zay
App Category: Utilities
Price: Free 0

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Black Audio Tool - B.A.T. is a sophisticated and versatile audio generation application, designed for audiophiles, sound engineers, and anyone fascinated by the world of sound. This innovative app offers a wide array of waveform and noise generation capabilities, allowing users to explore and create a diverse range of audio experiences.

From classic sine, square, and triangle waves to more complex forms like sawtooth waves, B.A.T covers the entire spectrum of waveform synthesis including interference generation. It also excels in noise generation, featuring an extensive array of colors: white, pink, brown, blue, violet, and the unique black noise for randomized silence and sound bursts.

Enhance your audio with a suite of effects including reverb and distortion, easily adjustable for that perfect sound ambiance. The intuitive slider control ensures smooth transitions and precise volume adjustments, eliminating audio artifacts for a flawless listening experience.

Whether you're conducting audio experiments, creating soundscapes, or simply exploring the physics of sound, Black Audio Tool - B.A.T. is your go-to digital audio workstation on your mobile device.

Key Features:
- Wave Generation
- Reverb / Distort
- Interference
- Noise
- Ultra / Infra Sonic
- Recording
- AirPlay

B.A.T has no trackers, does not collect any data from you, and does not contain any advertising or in-app purchases. It's yours forever.

We hope you have fun with this utility title.
A tool by Philipp Roger, indie software developer.

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