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App Name: Campus Recycler
Developer: Cason Chance
App Category: Utilities
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CampusRecycler redefines the way you think about recycling aluminum cans on your college campus by offering a gamified recycling experience that's both fun and impactful. By simply snapping photos of your aluminum cans next to a recycling bin, you contribute to a greener planet and earn rewards in the process!

How It Works:

Recycle: Take any aluminum can and head to your nearest recycling bin.
Snap & Earn: Take a picture through CampusRecycler and receive 10 Canzies per can or use our consolidated submission feature when submitting multiple.
Rewards: Redeem Canzies for monetary rewards and coupons from participating companies.


Track Your Impact: Watch your personal recycling stats grow and see your recycling history.
Rewards: Exchange Canzies for rewards or coupons.
Leaderboard: Compete with friends on your college campus to see who can make the biggest impact.
Live Map: Locate the nearest recycling bin by using our map and your live location.
Can Verification: Our team is committed to ensuring each submission is authentic. Submissions that violate our community guidelines will be removed.

By downloading CampusRecycler, you are joining your college community on a mission to reduce waste and promote sustainability.

Ready to turn your recycling routine into a rewarding game? Download CampusRecycler today and start earning your Canzies!

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