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App Name: Cipher Pixel
Developer: Serhat Cihangir
App Category: Utilities
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Cipher Pixel: Hide Messages in Your Photos

Cipher Pixel makes it easy to hide secret messages in your photos. Using the ancient technique of steganography, this app conceals information within the pixels of your images. Unlike cryptography, which scrambles data into unreadable text, steganography hides data in plain sight, ensuring secrecy without drawing attention.  
With Cipher Pixel, you can securely send hidden messages or keep them safely hidden within images in your gallery.

Why Choose Cipher Pixel?

Seamless Integration: Effortlessly hide messages in your photos without changing their appearance.
User-Friendly Design: Encode and decode messages with ease using a simple interface.

How It Works:

Encode: Input your message, and Cipher Pixel transforms it into bits.
Embed: Select a photo, and let Cipher Pixel discreetly hide your message within its pixels.
Share Securely: Share your photo confidently, knowing your hidden message is safe.

Additional Note:

Once you have created an image with a secret message hidden in the cipher pixel, be careful not to resize or compress the image when sharing it.
When sending an encrypted image using messaging applications, it must be sent as a Document.

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