Cross Stitch Pattern Maker

App Name: Cross Stitch Pattern Maker
Developer: Sylvain Huon
App Category: Utilities
Price: Free 0

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Cross Stitch Pattern Maker is your new app to create and design x-stitch, needlepoint, or embroidery patterns and canvas. Its minimalist design and user-friendly interface make the cross stitch pattern creation very easy.

Import an image or start from scratch to design your first pattern. At any point, you can resize the pattern, change the background color, replace a color, or edit the background image. With our image effect slider, you can directly transform a background image to make it easier to reproduce as a cross-stitch model. The app contains more than 400 colors to choose from.

Once finished, use the mark-up tool to keep track of your progress when stitching your new pattern. You can also export your pattern to your phone images to share it easily. Help and tutorials will guide you in your first steps within the cross stitch Pattern Maker app. What are you waiting for... let's create your first pattern! Happy stitching!

Cross Stitch Pattern Maker key points:

x - Dark and Light modes
x - 400+ Colors to create amazing cross stitch patterns
x - Cross Stitch Mark-up tool
x - Image importer with opacity and cross stitch effect converter
x - Color Replacement
x - Background color picker
x - Help and tutorial to learn how to use the app
x - Export to your phone photo library
x - Folders to organize your pattern by in-progress / finished
x - Create patterns up to 200x200 stitches
x - Ideal for x-stitch, needlepoint or embroidery

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