ATIS Relay

App Name: ATIS Relay
Developer: Ford Davis
App Category: Weather
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Rating: 5 stars
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ATIS Relay: Accurate ATIS & Weather Information

Access real-time, up-to-date ATIS information for more than 160 airports across the US with ATIS Relay.


• Live ATIS Audio & Transcripts: on-demand ATIS recordings and transcripts for 80+ US airports that do not have digital ATIS yet.

• Digital ATIS: Up to date ATIS information for all 76 airports in the D-ATIS program. Get the latest information at a glance.

• Free Community Access: Retrieve digital ATIS and previously recorded transcripts without a subscription.

• METARs: Quickly determine current flight rules and view interpreted METARs

• METAR Widgets: Customize your device with various-sized METAR widgets, providing quick weather updates right on your home screen (subscription required).

• More Subscription Benefits: Gain full access to all features, including the option to request ATIS transcripts. Subscribers can also get ATIS updates via text message, helping you get ahead of the airplane when paired with a satellite connection.

ATIS Relay is ideal for professional pilots, general aviation pilots, student pilots, flight sim enthusiasts, and aviation enthusiasts.

DISCLAIMER: ATIS information is not guaranteed to be error free. Please verify with official sources. This is not an official FAA weather data source and is not intended for operational use. Any use for flight planning is at your own risk.

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