Ember: Vivid Sunset Prediction

App Name: Ember: Vivid Sunset Prediction
Developer: Anirudh Kotamraju
App Category: Weather
Price: Free 0
Rating: 5 stars
Reviews: 8

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Ever wanted to take pictures with a stunning sunset background, only to end up with a bunch of gloomy clouds? Never again. Ember uses machine learning to predict when beautiful sunsets will happen, before they actually happen.

Ember offers you 9-day forecasts of sunset quality, tailored for wherever you are in the world. We trained custom machine learning models on datasets that we curated ourselves, giving you unparalleled forecasts of sunset quality.

Here are some of our features (with lots more in the works!):
• Intelligent forecasts of sunset quality scores for the next 9 days.
• Visualizations of the exact probabilities that went into calculating these sunset scores.
• The exact time that the sun will set for your location.
• Continuously improving predictions as we improve our model every day.
• Automatic light & dark mode.
• Best of all, Ember works anywhere, anytime in the world.

We’re a team of UC Berkeley computer science students with a love for beautiful sunsets, which we hope to share with you through Ember. If you have any feedback/suggestions, please reach out to us on instagram at @ember.sunset.app. We’d love to hear from you :)

Happy Sunsetting!

- The Ember Team

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