Animal Rescue -Jungle Hospital

App Name: Animal Rescue -Jungle Hospital
Developer: Mahesh Pandya
App Category: Games
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Animal Rescue Jungle Hospital

brings your dreams to life. Start your journey with a heartwarming adventure filled with adorable animals in need of your care.

Join the ranks of dedicated jungle and

Rescue injured and lost animals from the wild.
Perform surgery using veterinary tools to heal their wounds.
Pamper your furry patients with spa treatments and a relaxing bubble bath.
Dress up your animal friends in a variety of cute outfits to make them feel special.
Care for a wide variety of exotic animals. From playful monkeys to majestic elephants , you'll encounter a cast of creatures who need your help.

This charming mobile game offers endless hours of entertainment with

6 Unique Animals Treat a mischievous monkey, a gentle giant like an elephant, a ferocious but friendly tiger, a cuddly panda, a towering giraffe, and a funny hippo.
Multiple Levels Progress through various levels, unlocking new challenges and adorable outfits as you go.

Adorable Graphics Immerse yourself in the lush jungle environment and fall in love with the charming animal characters.Animal Rescue Jungle Hospital is perfect for

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