App Name: Archivist
Developer: Dominik Butz
App Category: Productivity
Price: Free 0

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Archivist is a document archiving app available for iOS, iPadOS and MacOS. No account signup, no login required other than iCloud. And best of all: no subscription. Archivist stores your documents as PDF securely in iCloud Drive, following a simple folder path pattern: Archive Drawer – Topic(s) – year – PDF file. Archivist lets you search through your documents using full text search and filter labels like topics, document type and archive drawer. Get rid of your messy folder system and let Archivist manage your documents for you!

Ready for more? Switch on automatic AI document properties detection for new documents. When you add a document, Archivist will send an excerpt of your document text to GPT (OpenAI) to auto-set document labels like title, document type and topic(s) more reliably.

Disclaimer: OpenAI is a third party not affiliated with Archivist. The decision to send text excerpts of your documents to OpenAI’s server is entirely up to you.

Data privacy information: other than document creation with AI support, your document data will never leave your device(s) and Apple’s iCloud servers. Archivist will never:
– send data to third parties other than Apple’s iCloud service without your consent
– use any of your data for advertising purposes
– store any of your document or user data on other servers than Apple’s iCloud servers.

Scarica su App Store

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